It’s time to list your home for sale and you have a great deal of awareness that things need to happen to prepare your home for a competitive market. But where do you start? In this article we are revealing our secrets on increasing desirability inside and outside your home, which will ultimately help you sell for top dollar!

Here are our TOP 5 tips to stage your home and SELL for MORE

  1. Lighting – Replace any bulbs that are burned out (inside and outside). If you have rooms with no overhead lights then bring in some additional lighting with lamps. Also, to maximize natural light open all blinds, curtains, and remove screens. 0457342f58baa16_standardThis will help you exploit  your natural light for all showings and pictures.
  2. Paint – Dollar for dollar you will get a significant return on fresh paint. Replace loud or taste specific colors with soothing earth tones. Do not paint everything white except for trim (baseboards, crown moulding, interior doors, etc). Paint that bright white for contrast. Trust me on all of this. It’s hard to measure a return on fresh paint, but it is possible it will be greater than adding those granite countertops.
  3. Declutter – Rent a storage space to store items you don’t need while marketing your home. This is no doubt inconvenient. But as they say – if it were easy everyone would do it – and lucky for you not all sellers do this. So here is your big chance to impress. Clear kitchen counters, minimize furniture, donate clothes, and remove any items that buyers would have to walk around in order to tour your home.
  4. De-personalize – Remove family pictures, and anything religious or political. Yes, I said it. It is obviously a challenge to de-politicize in Northern Virginia but remember that your worst political foe may have a lot of money to spend on your 0157342feed2faa_standardbeautiful home. You can debate politics once the settlement documents are signed. Maybe you really are moving to Canada after the election…?
  5. Curb appeal – To increase curb appeal add fresh mulch the day or two before pictures, mow the lawn, and add colorful potted plants on your stoop or near the front door. Also consider painting the front door and polishing it’s hardware. Additionally you should clean out your gutters, replace any rotted wood trim, and freshen up exterior trim with paint and/or caulk.

A staged home helps you to appeal to those searching online through your 24/7 advertising – your pictures. Additionally it appeals to those with minimal imagination, as well as those that are more imaginative. Ultimately every home has different needs to stage for maximum appeal. Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation!

Jason & Bonnie