Whether you are relocating out of the area due to a mid career job change, or retiring and moving to a less expensive area of the country, we understand your needs in selling. Due to a future purchase at your next destination you need to know that you can minimize your hassle and maximize your proceeds. You are also looking for specific advice on changes you should make in your current home such as minor upgrades or painting so that you can have broad desirability.

We advise that your first action in making any of these decisions should be to contact us so that we can lend a hand in your decisions on property condition. The right paint color, decluttering, exterior appeal, and of course professional staging add significant value to a home. So before you start spending money on upgrades or costly contractor suggestions let us share our professional knowledge. We aim to help you not only sell at top dollar but do it at a minimum cost to you.

We also understand that a move and a job change or retirement are both a big deal. So minimizing your stress and hassle are a necessity since you have other major life changes to manage. We have many sellers relocating from NoVA every year and send them on their way with wonderful memories and a successful transaction that propels them into future success.

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