About Our Northern Virginia Real Estate Team

Jason and Bonnie are a motivated Real Estate team that bring a high level of service to each and every real estate transaction. Together they have developed a sensitivity for understanding what resonates with people and bring that skill to their working relationships with their real estate clients. Working in real estate involves bringing together many players who are essential to a transaction that can often be confusing to consumers who do not often buy or sell a home. Jason and Bonnie work to bring clarity to the process and help their clients develop a realistic strategy to meet their goals. They have a network of highly qualified professionals that work with them to take a buyer or seller from the front door of one home to the doorstep of the next. You can count on Jason and Bonnie to be straightforward and upfront in every conversation from your first meeting to the settlement table. If you are ready to make that commitment in moving forward in your next real estate transaction, contact Jason or Bonnie by phone, email or Facebook.


Jason and Bonnie Sanders