First Time Home Buyers

If you are looking to buy your first home you no doubt have many questions. Getting the right answers the first time can save you from much despair and headache, but most importantly get you into your first home with ease and satisfaction. Financing and property condition are often the biggest concerns of a first time buyer. Other big questions are in relation to what type of home you want to purchase (condo, town home, detached home), and what specific location within Northern Virginia would be most ideal for you. All of these variables add up in different ways for everyone, but in the end we will help you balance that equation to achieve maximum desirability in a home that you can afford.

How much cash do you need? Did you know that not all home purchases require 20% downpayment? There are programs and loans that may allow you to purchase a home with as little as zero downpayment. We can introduce you to a lender that will explain your options for loan programs, as well as explain interest rates and other lender fees.

Turnkey or sweat equity? With regards to property condition all buyers have different levels of desires and needs. Whether you prefer a property that is turnkey ready, or positioned for significant sweat equity, we always recommend a home inspection. This will give you more intimate knowledge of your future home and will give you a chance to ask the seller for repairs.

Desire meets budget. There are a large number of variables that will determine what you can afford with regards to location and style. Schools, transportation, upgrades, and size are all a large part of that equation. You may want to prioritize public transportation, size of a home, or schools, but maybe not all of those. There is a balance to strike for all first time buyers, and we are confident in our ability to understand your needs and desires in a way that match you with a home and a price tag that is a custom fit for YOU.

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