Timing is everything. We all want to be able to make life’s biggest decisions at the perfect time. If not, maybe we could lose out. What if we make the big decision today and then find out later that next month would have been better? Or 2 months ago would have been genius! Unfortunately, none of us are able to see into the future to know the perfect time to sell the stocks, put in the retirement papers, or take the new job. Sometimes we just have to trust the genius marketer at Nike and “just do it” because we need to, regardless of what “they” say.

In this article, I want to take a look at timing of when to list your home. Not all sellers have a choice, for various reasons, but for those that do I offer you some facts of the real estate game that are not always openly discussed.

Fact #1: A sense of urgency in selling your home should come from internal circumstances and needs, not a Realtor telling you “now or never.”

You know your needs better than anyone. If you are selling, then there are likely circumstances attached to those needs that are directly related to timing of something important in your life. Growing your family, retirement, end of a lease on an investment property, kids moving out, needing more space for an aging parent, and the list goes on. All of these are a huge deal, so adding stress into your life by telling you “sell now or it’s going to be worse in the following months” is unnecessary. Sure, we all need some help getting off the couch every now and then to accomplish our goals, but that’s different than using the “fear factor.” If you are stalling just because you are unsure about what to do in your home, then we can definitely help you make good decisions. You can learn more about those decisions from Fact #2.

Fact #2: The best time to list your home is when it is as ready as it can be for your audience of potential buyers.

If you are considering listing your home, you are likely toiling over what month or week you should list it. Keep in mind that regardless of the season, there is demand for housing year round in NoVA. Keeping Fact #1 in mind, you should make your condition as appealing as you realistically can before putting your home on the market. That may mean painting, decluttering, completing needed repairs, or power washing the exterior. Additionally, you will likely benefit from having a professional staging consultation. You can read more about the benefits of preparing your property and staging here. We provide a professional staging service to our sellers at no additional cost, and it is no doubt the icing on the cake for maximizing your sales price!

Fact #3: Study Fact #2 closely and apply liberally to cash in. Do not under estimate the importance of this step.

But what do the statistics say? I know this is often what people are referring to when asking when they should list. However, there are numerous ways to look at the numbers. We could look at average days on market, average sales price, the volume of sales, or the average sales price to list price ratio, to name a few. Additionally we have to consider what area we are selecting. Do we look at NoVA as a whole, a single county, a city, a zip code, or a neighborhood? Are we looking at condos, town homes, duplexes, or single-family homes? What price range?

As a whole, if we were to take a look at averages for the largest sample possible, I think we could guess that the “Spring Market” would lead the way in one metric or another. However, taking an average for an area that large is just that. One huge statistic that will be reported by the news media. A very average statistic. Thankfully you and your home are not “average” and your area IS without a doubt “the best” for you. That’s why you chose it, and that’s why someone else will too!

Buyers fall in love with homes every month and every week in NoVA. They can fall in love with your home too, but you will need to make important, and intentional choices before showcasing it to a parade of buyers. Thankfully you don’t have to go it alone. We can absolutely lead you in the right direction to help you prepare your property, and list at a time that is The Perfect Date for you!

For a free, no hassle consultation on making important decisions about preparing your home and selling, contact Jason & Bonnie!