Urban living sometimes means dealing with smaller interior footprints, particularly in the kitchen. Older homes and town homes may also suffer from the same malady. So, when getting your home ready to sell, how do you stage your tiny kitchen for maximum effect? Here are some suggestions.

Brighten the Room

There are two basic ways to brighten the room – lighting and thoughtful color choices. Natural light is best, so if you have a window in your kitchen, let the light shine in! Remove the curtains or opt for fitted blinds that will provide privacy while letting the light in. Unfortunately, many town homes and condos may not have a window, so in this case, make sure you maximize overhead and task lighting. Leave all the lights on when you have the home staged for a showing or open house, to brighten the room.

The other way to brighten a room is through color. Dark cabinets and counters, dark walls, and dark floors can make a small kitchen seem downright claustrophobic. If you have the budget to update your kitchen, opt for light colored wood stains and countertops. If you are on a budget, you can still make a big impact by ensuring that the floor and walls are light and bright to make the room seem more inviting. The last thing you want is for your kitchen ot look like a cave!


I don’t know about you, but the kitchen counters at home tend to become a catch-all for mail, papers, and other things that don’t really belong in a kitchen. When you prepare your home for showings, de-cluttering is the first thing on the list, and that goes for the kitchen, too!

Clear the counters. And that means everything. You may want to show off your fancy purple Kitchen-Aide mixer or your espresso machine, but resist the urge. Canisters of coffee and sugar,  papers, even cookbooks should all be stowed away. Leave the counters completely clear.

This goes for any open cabinets as well. Open storage (which usually just means shelves with no doors for storing plates and cookware), is all the rage right now, but make sure that the shelves don’t look cluttered.

Don’t forget to clear everything off the fridge…yes, even little Sally’s artwork. Clear the top of the fridge, too. Resist the urge to add more storage to hide the clutter. Hanging more cabinets or shelves can make it feel like the walls are closing in. Just put it in storage temporarily. Once you have an accepted offer, you can put everything back in place…or, you may decide you LIKE the uncluttered look and can live without a few things!

Free up space

If you have the budget for a full remodel, opt for a slightly reduced depth on your cabinets and counters. Standard depth is 24-inches, but you’d be amazed how much bigger the room will feel by simply shaving a few inches all the way around. Consider 21-inch depth instead. If you are able to mount your microwave over the stove, this will also free up counter space. Under-mount sinks and faucets that are mounted in the wall, rather than on the back of the sink may also give the appearance of additional space.

Small kitchens are not necessarily a bad thing. There are people who actually would prefer to not have to clean all the nooks and crannies in a commercial-sized gourmet kitchen. Play up your kitchen’s assets, while maximizing the space with smart design and staging choices will draw the right buyers to your home.

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