As Millennials are firmly established in their careers, and older Gen Z-ers are out of college and entering the workforce, thoughts of the future may weigh heavily on their minds as they navigate paying off student loans, saving for retirement, and saving for a down-payment on a home. It can seem like the obstacles are insurmountable for achieving the American Dream of home ownership.

Don’t despair! It is possible to save for retirement AND own your own home – and it all may boil down to a common misconception. Realtor.com Chief Economist Danielle Hale explains in the video below.

It can pay to talk to a mortgage lender early in the process – up to a year before you are ready to actually start looking for homes. Your lender can not only help you get pre-approved, but s/he can also help you figure out what loan programs might be available to you and the down payment requirements. Your lender can even help you devise a plan to improve your credit, if that’s an obstacle.

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