During the holiday season many often have an influx of guests stopping by to share in the celebrations. With all the excitement, we love to get our homes ready for these special occasions. Whether you’re accommodating or just trying to get into the holiday spirit, preparing your home doesn’t have to be an intimidating experience. Getting prepared can be easy if you start a little early, and support from your household can always help!

Get prepared

You can always start initially by decluttering your home and doing a little cleaning beforehand. Focus first on the areas where your guests will spend most of their time.  Giving your home a good decluttering will make room for all the lovely decorations that will make your home festive. You can also take this opportunity to clean out closets and store off-season clothing or donate anything you no longer need. Make sure your lawn, including the surrounding outside areas are nice and presentable by doing your regular fall maintenance, then have fun with some bright fall mums, or pumpkin displays to accent your entryway.

Get your food ready

It’s always a great idea to do your meal planning and food shopping before your overnight guests start arriving. You may need to plan more than just the Thanksgiving meal! Make sure you have plenty of snacks on hand so your guests are fully satisfied when cravings strike.  Start by creating a list of your family’s favorite treats, as well as the ingredients for your larger meals. Grocery stores may have slim pickings if you find yourself running out of something on Wednesday night! Some stores may close on Thanksgiving Day, so you definitely want to get everything you need in advance.


Once you are well organized and have made room, you can let your creativity soar!  Pinterest has a plethora of ideas for decorating your home, from the whimsical to profoundly elegant, including DIY projects and purchased decorations. If you have children, you can even tap into their love of crafts and do some family projects as a fun holiday tradition.  Spice up your home even more by adding in seasonal candles for a warming aroma. Make sure to get great pictures to showcase your beautiful home!

We hope all our friends and family have a most wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, filled with the blessings of family and friends. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home in Northern Virginia, we are always here to aid with all your real estate needs! If you are unsure of your home’s value or if you are thinking about buying or selling, contact Jason at 703-298-7037 or SandersNoVA@gmail.com.