I know it’s hard to imagine, amidst all this snow and cold weather, that Spring is right around the corner. What better way to fight the winter doldrums than to start planning your warm-weather outdoor projects!

One outdoor feature that is becoming increasingly popular in Northern Virginia is the outdoor kitchen. There are lots of practical (and not so practical) reasons why cooking outdoors is appealing. For one, family gatherings are safer outside while we continue to fight against the pandemic. Secondly, cooking in the house in warm weather can heat up the house unnecessarily, causing your A/C to work harder. And third…well, Americans just love their grills!

Whatever your reason, building an outdoor kitchen can be as simple as a dedicated space for your grill, with perhaps some prep space and a built-in faucet for easy cleanup. Or you can leap to the other end of the spectrum, with elaborate projects that include cabinets, cold storage solutions, brick pizza ovens, and other high-end features. No matter your budget, there is a solution for you!

Below is a DIY video for a simple outdoor kitchen you can build yourself!

As we spend more time outside and enjoying our back yards, wouldn’t an outdoor kitchen make a great addition to your entertaining space? You may want to cook out there every day!

As you are planning your outdoor kitchen, you’ll want to give some thought to materials. Obviously, the safest materials are those that are heat resistant and will stand up to the unpredictable Northern Virginia weather. You’ll also want something that doesn’t invite unwanted insects, like most wood products might. Weather and insect-resistant materials might include teak, stone, marine-grade polymer, or stainless steel. Check out these tips from HGTV.

Depending on the materials you choose and the complexity of the project, you may want to consider supporting a local small business and hiring a contractor. We can recommend Northern Virginia contractors that can do the job right, at a reasonable cost.

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