Do you feel ready to start putting rent money towards a home of your own, but the thought of going through the home buying process seems way too daunting? Here are some tips we want to share, to help you toward one of the most exciting purchases of your life.

Just start looking! Do some searching online to see what is available in your area. Visit an open house or two. Drive around the neighborhoods you like. Doing so can help you determine what you like and don’t like in a home. Looking will also give you an idea of what to expect price wise. Talk to friends or family who have recently purchased a home. You can learn a lot from someone else’s experiences!

Think about your budget. Now that you have an idea about what you like, you will need to see what you can afford. Keep in mind that there are many programs available for first-time home buyers. Some even offer zero down payment options. Banks will be able to pre-approve you with some information about your income and debts. This information will also help determine if you are eligible for any available programs. Pre-approval is also an essential first step. Without it, many sellers will not be willing to consider offers from you.

Find a REALTOR®. You may have talked to people who bought a house without a real estate agent. With all that goes into buying a home, it is to your advantage to have someone with experience and knowledge on your side, especially for your first time. A REALTOR® will do a lot of the leg work for you and save you A LOT of stress in the end. Remember, also, that REALTOR ® fees are generally paid for by the home seller, not the home buyer.

Try to have fun! While home buying can be stressful, it can also be enjoyable. Savor the Sundays going from open house to open house with your family. Remember the late nights spent searching for just the right house to start your family. Imagine how great the fixer upper will look with a fresh coat of paint and some new floors, or how happy you will be when you find the right home.

If you are a first- time home buyer in Northern Virginia, we are here to help! If you are unsure of your home’s value or if you are thinking about buying or selling, contact Jason at 703-298-7037 or SandersNoVA@gmail.com.