As the country works toward recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, there is renewed interest in products and technologies that can help prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. Once things have “returned to normal” it’s likely that our heightened awareness of how germs spread will change the way we look at even simple things, like how we pay at the grocery store.

The current situation in the US and around the world has created a perfect opportunity to advance and enhance contactless payment technologies. Many of these are not new, of course. PayPal has been around for a couple decades, after all. But the ability to utilize smart phones, as well as finger-print or facial-recognition for optimal security, has improved security and increased interest in these options.

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Even when this pandemic is far behind us in the rear-view mirror, it’s likely that many of the innovations and technologies that arise to keep us safer will be here to stay. Once you’ve experienced contactless payment, you may never want to go back to cash or carrying credit cards!

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