Ugly is subjective. We won’t debate the definition of ugly, or what makes a home ugly. What appeals to one person may not appeal to another, and that’s ok. However, if you aren’t finding just the right home, then it’s time to think about your criteria and what you look for when pre-screening homes online.

Here’s the thing. Many people will quickly flip through hundreds of homes, passing judgement on each one based on the brief glimpse afforded by the realtor’s camera. Some realtors are more adept than others using camera angles and various techniques to make a home look more spacious, brighter/lighter, or to show off assets and downplay problems.

Not all realtors have the same skill in photography, or writing verbose property description that make you feel like the home must have been inhabited by royalty. If you narrow your search to only the perfectly staged homes, with grandiose descriptions that hit every point on your checklist, you may miss a hidden gem.

When you live in an area with a tight real estate market, having too many requirements on your list may prevent you from ever finding your dream home, and when you do, you may find a lot of competition for the same home.

Sometimes, online pictures don’t do a home justice, and you may miss an opportunity with a perfect home that maybe just doesn’t show well online. Maybe the home is still occupied, or occupied by renters. Maybe the photography is amateurish. Maybe the homeowner put zero effort into staging. Maybe you don’t like the paint color. Maybe it needs a little updating. The list could go on and on. These diamonds in the rough, though, could just be your key to the perfect home at a great price!

Here are our “Top 10 reasons to tour ugly homes”

  1. This is real life. Not HGTV.
  2. Paint is cheap. You may not like their colors but you can overcome that mauve or yellow room.
  3. Drywall, interior doors, carpet, appliances, fixtures – also relatively inexpensive considering the cost of the home and your savings from not bidding on a home that everyone wants.
  4. As a buyer, you are competing with other buyers. It’s much easier to compete where the competition is slim to none.
  5. You can usually negotiate price on a home that appears needy. If a seller doesn’t prepare or represent their property well, it will stay on the market longer, thus making it vulnerable to a savvy buyer.
  6. Bad pictures (or a lack thereof) does not constitute a defect in a home.
  7. Consider the human element. Every listing is presented to you by a Realtor. Some represent a home better than others. Maybe the problem isn’t the property?
  8. Use your imagination. (If you find that challenging try harder.) Your Realtor should be able to help in this area. You are spending hundred of thousands of dollars. You owe yourself the effort.
  9. You will never “strike a deal” on a home that’s perfectly presented.
  10. No home is free of issues. Even the one that looks perfect.

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