Summer is in full swing, and many of us are busily working around the house or gardens, spending time with the kids at the local pool, planning summer getaways, or, for some of us, just trying to stay out of the heat!

No matter your situation, there are some purchases you may be tempted to make in July, but experts say that having a little patience could net you a nice reward – by way of big, fat discounts. So hold off on buying these items in July, if you can.

Computers and Laptops

It can be tempting to get a jump on purchasing that new laptop for your college freshman or upgrading your aging desktop during the month of July,  to avoid the school supply frenzy. However, many manufacturers of consumer electronics give their biggest discounts in the months of August/September. Even Apple products will have back-to-school incentives for teachers and students.

Home Appliances

If you are planning a kitchen upgrade, wait until September to purchase appliances, experts say. The end of summer is when many retailers will be trying to unload excess stock of home appliances.

If you can’t wait until September, at least try to hold off until the Sales Tax Holiday in Virginia, which this year is August 2-4. Energy Star™ or WaterSense™ appliances less than $2,500 are eligible for tax-free status, as are certain hurricane preparedness products, such as generators and chainsaws.

If you are looking for grills or lawn mowers, August and September will also have the best deals, as the season winds down and retailers start clearing space for holiday displays (yes…you read that right.). There is still too much demand in July, so you won’t get the optimal prices.

Back-to-School Supplies

The back-to-school displays are already out, enticing harried parents to get a jump start on purchasing school supplies. Many stores are even kind enough to provide school supply lists for surrounding schools right in the store (so no worries if you forgot yours!). However, many of the best deals come AFTER the rush, when stores are trying to clear out the space for more Fall and holiday displays. Notebooks, packages of pens and pencils, folders, etc., will get clearanced up to 70-80% off in late August or September, and backpacks could be up to 40% off. Stock up for next year, and save yourself the hassle and long lines.

Since some of the things on the school supply list are necessary for the first day of school, waiting until September clearance sales may not work. But August will bring some of the best deals, and if you can wait until the Sales Tax Holiday on August 2-4, you can enjoy low prices AND no tax on school supplies under $20 in Virginia.

Back-to-school clothes, such as school uniforms or Fall-seasoned apparel could see steeper discounts after the August rush as well.

Mattresses and Home Furnishings

If you are dreaming of a new mattress (probably day-dreaming, if your sleep is getting interrupted by an old, uncomfortable mattress), then you should wait until September, according to experts. The Labor Day sales offer the best prices of the year on mattresses and many other home furnishings.

Late August and September will also bring the best clearance prices on outdoor furniture, if you are looking to upgrade your patio set.

Amusement Park Tickets

The best time to buy theme park tickets is BEFORE the start of the season. Some parks will offer last year’s pricing on advance purchase, before the park even opens for the season. If you haven’t already purchased your tickets, then summer is NOT the best time for impromptu trips to an amusement park. Wait until October when the crowds die down, then parks will start offering steeper discounts.

What SHOULD you buy in July? 

The list above is not exhaustive. However, you may be wondering, what SHOULD you buy in July? Anything patriotic will be heavily discounted in July, due to the Independence day holiday. Also, summer clearance of apparel and swim suits start in July, so you can buy warm-weather school clothes at pretty good discounts. And surprisingly, July may also be a good time for travel packages, since many destinations may have cancellations they are trying to fill (as long as you drive…July is an awful time for spur-of-the-moment airfare).

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