Moving can be a stressful and emotional process that takes a toll on all family members, including children. The prospect of leaving what is known and moving to the unknown can be nerve-wracking for all involved.

The first defense you have against moving stress is a good Realtor®. If you choose well, you will have a resource that will not only help you through the process of buying and all the paperwork involved, but who can also help you overcome the jitters. You may be tempted to second-guess your choices, or exhibit trepidation about the local schools, your neighborhood, or the town. A Realtor you have developed a friendly rapport with will recognize these signs and stand ready with information, support, and advice for enjoying the adventure you are embarking on.

Make time for family

In the busy time of packing, planning, and paperwork, it can be easy to forget to make time for your family or yourself. Whether it’s a long soaking bath, or a regular Friday-night date leading up to the move, you need to make sure you have time to decompress. This is a major change for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some structure and routine embedded throughout the transition. And have some fun! You are allowed to take a break for a trip to the zoo, a dinner out, or to see the next major blockbuster. Make time for this. It will be easier on you and your family.

Understand uncertainty is normal

Moving is a major commitment, and not just financially. You may be leaving friends behind, or worried about making new friends. It’s easy to second-guess all your choices and wonder if you are doing the right thing. Your Realtor is there to answer your questions and help reassure you. Don’t be afraid to ask. Just keep in mind that you are only closing one door so that another can open. Remember all the right reasons for your move: a promising new job or career, perhaps you are moving closer to family…whatever the reasons, keep those at the front of your mind.

Keep a slush fund

Many people do not properly estimate how much it costs to move, especially if you are  moving cross-country. Paying movers, contractors, travel back and forth to your new city…all these things add up. Your buyers for your current home may request repairs, plus once you arrive at your new home, there will also be unexpected expenses and repairs that will add stress. You definitely what to ensure you have a slush fund for these extra expenses. It will help you keep the stress at bay.

A special note for kids

Earlier in this post we recommended keeping a semblance of a routine and ensuring that you remember to have fun. If you have young children, moving can be scary, too. If you have the financial means, take a trip or two to your new city and stay for a few days. Let your kids experience the fun playground and park that is withing walking distance of your new home, check out the local museums or landmarks, play at the school playground where they will go to school, and check out the library, etc. You can also show your children pictures of your new home, and encourage them to draw pictures of how they want their bedrooms to look or what they imagine doing in the new home. This will help ease the transition and help them get more excited about the change.

Stress doesn’t last forever. You will eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel, but make time to enjoy the journey along the way.

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